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The observations of an anthropologist

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I live in Los Angeles, about to start a joint degree program in Law and African-American studies. I'm focused on sustainability and ensuring that everyone has access to it. The aspect of sustainability I'm mainly concerned with is food systems, as it involves every aspect of human life. It's also the key to unlocking poverty as well.

So, I start this fall, doing research with an LA Councilmember, have an intern in London next year and then I start the law portion of the joint degree. I'll practice law for a few years to earn some cred, then it's off to an international Uni to get a PhD to go with the other degrees. Don't really want to, but if you want a career solving the world's problems, that's usually the route to take. That's all for now I suppose. Oh, and I started watching Doctor Who season 3. It's a sweet escape.